TV’s future isn’t so doomed

On this wonderful Friday afternoon I’m pondering all I’ve read lately about how TV’s future is cloudy and doomed.

I’m not so sure.

From an hours spent perspective TV still reigns supreme despite what we’re told about the ascendancy of mobile video.

And the primary reason why is that the content on TV is long form to achieve ratings to attract advertisers to pay for the content.

Mobile content is snack-sized because of the mobile experience-small screen on a multi-purpose device.

TV ROI still kicking it

The good folks at Media Post nicely summed up the superior ROI that TV delivers.

“TV delivered up to seven times the key performance indicator lift of paid search, and five times that of display advertising.”

Perhaps the TV pooh-poohers are in the paid search and display advertising business?

So TV is not doomed BUT what is doomed in my opinion, is the TV ad formats of interruptive, non-actionable ad pods that have the unwanted effect of sending me to my phone to dig for more info about something I saw that interested me. If I’m lucky and have enough stamina I may find what I want. For your brand that inspired me you face a strong chance that your competitor is the first thing I see on my phone.

I totally agree that TV has threats all around it and that it has many challenges in front of it.

However, one analyst cited again by Media Post is bullish and calls out for:

“The platform must offer tools and capabilities that make advertising more valuable. There’s no incentive to move to a new marketplace that simply replicates today’s non-automated transactional processes.”

And this is where (IMO) the TV performance pie could get WAY bigger

The innovation he seeks to make advertising more valuable is adding direct-response tools like TRE to TV ads so that they have a chance to deliver instant gratification and an instant consumer+brand connection.

If direct-response TV ads are seen as the stuff of lame merchandise being hawked in cheesy commercials, folks in TV land need to get past this tired viewpoint because it helps to make TV look bad.

There’s real revenue in direct-response ads that’s not being tapped into.

The true culprit of the TV is doomed sentiment is the full-on miss by the advertisers and TV content producers to accept that I have my phone in my hand watching TV and you made me hunt down what interested me about your ad or your program.

Dale Knoop leads a great team attempting to #breaktheduopoly by making TRE the global standard for micro-moment brand engagement. Using a simple numeric code any brand can present their TRE code in TV, video, video games or their product packaging and take their customers and brand fans to exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. No searching through results, no foraging around your website-just customer pleasing instant gratification. Oh yeah, and there’s real-time attribution and an ongoing brand immersion. Watch the TRE video on YouTube here.