How TRE Works for Broadcast

TRE for TV Networks, Cable Providers & Station Groups

TRE solves the problem of connecting consumers to brands at the moment of inspiration - what Google calls connecting in the “Micro-moment.”

TRE is a completely new way for TV providers to show attribution to advertisers. Today, TV networks and providers are selling correlation – the idea that since you showed an ad on a station or program, consumers bought your products. But there is no hard statistical data to confirm this. What’s missing is causation – did an ad directly result in a consumer interaction?

Complete & instant attribution to TV advertising

A typical TV ad asks consumers to visit a store, go to a website, call a number, download an app, and follow on social media. All in the same ad!

So how do brands know which ads are working and which ones are wasted?

TRE keeps consumers glued to the TV

Right now, if a consumer sees a TV ad and wants to take action on it, they are Googling, opening a social app, calling a number, or generally ignoring what’s happening on the TV. Even worse, they are fumbling around online trying to find the thing they just saw on TV. It’s frustrating and it provides too many opportunities for consumers to get lost or drop off entirely.

With TRE, consumers see a code during either a program or an ad, enter the code, and are delivered to the exact content they wanted within seconds of viewing it on TV. TRE also saves that advertisers brand page to the user profile, creating a lasting and constant connection for advertisers to continue to push content to these self-selected fans.

Once connected, always connected

When a consumer enters a code for a brand, they are permanently connected through TRE. Future offers and content are automatically delivered to the TRE brand page for access anytime, even when that consumer isn’t in front of the TV. Brands connect with consumers once, TRE allows them to be connected forever.

What is TRE?

TRE is a mobile advertising solution and branded content aggregator that does what no other service can – directly tie consumer interaction to content presented on TV, in real-time.

What is TRE?

TRE is a mobile advertising solution and branded content aggregator that does what no other service can – directly tie consumer interaction to content presented on TV, in real-time.

Closing the loop between TV & mobile

TRE allows consumers to access content or purchase products at the moment of inspiration. They see a code on TV and enter the code into the TRE app. The user is then taken directly to the content without fumbling through browsers, search engines, or multiple 3rd party apps.

See the Latest content from your favorite brands in one place

TRE allows brands to aggregate their social feeds from popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Breaking down barriers to consumers

Today, TV advertising presents consumers with too many ‘off ramps’ between seeing offers and getting offers. With TRE, consumers can see an offer, enter a simple code, and get their content without the frustrations of entering URLs, dialing phone numbers, recording a screen or sound, or getting lost by filtering through millions of search results. A recent study indicated that 65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information.*

Align all of your branded content to create an immersive brand experience

• Social Aggregation • Branded Stories & Content • Offers, Coupons & Deals • Impulse Purchasing

Real-time attribution

Brands can track all content interactions as they happen. When a TRE user enters a code, content providers can instantly track and measure interaction, tying TV advertising to consumer action.

Connect with self-selected brand advocates

Once a consumer enters any code from a brand, they are connected forever within TRE. This allows brands to deliver content directly to their fans at any point in the future. Consumers can receive new content through app notifications even if they aren’t watching TV.

Why a numerical Code?

Why not a URL, a short-code address or something else? It’s a very simple answer, actually. Numbers are universal, and the keypad is a familiar input device. Also, with a global audience, a numerical pattern allows the TRE interface to be utilized independently of language or translation requirements.

Patent pending technology, user tested & highly rated

TRE code entry is a patent pending user interface and technology. It has been thoroughly consumer tested and approved. Bottom line - it’s proprietary and users get it.

*Google/Ipsos, U.S., Consumers in the Micro-Moment, Wave 3, August 2015, n=1,291 online smartphone users 18+