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What is Tre?

TRE Connects Brands with Consumers in the Moment of Inspiration

We all see things on TV that we want to buy. The problem is that there’s no fast, accurate way to get those products without interrupting viewing.

Now, as you watch your favorite shows, you may see a TRE code appear on-screen with an associated offer.

Rather than combing through search results or scrolling through tangled social feeds, TRE takes you directly to the exact offer you want. From there you can buy a product, share the offer with friends, or save that offer for later – all without interrupting your viewing experience.

How Does TRE Work?

Act on Your Impulse

There’s no remembering a URL, no searching the web, no phone or text numbers to recall. You see the code, enter the code, and get taken directly to the content – what we call a “Snack”.

Better yet, you can save or share that “Snack” for later if you like.

What is a Snack

When you enter a code in TRE, you access a “Snack” - an actionable piece of content where you can buy a product or experience exclusive content. You can also save snacks for later or share them with your friends on TRE.

Just Do It Once

When you enter a code from a brand, TRE will save that brand so you’re always connected in the future. You’ll never miss another deal or offer; they’re all delivered to your app with user-controlled notifications.

Social Streamlining

Another feature TRE delivers is aggregated social feeds. When you connect with a brand, you also get access to their social content in a single feed.

Get a TRE Code

Ready to deliver instant gratification to your customers and see measurable results in your next ad campaign? We’re ready to set you up with a TRE code or premium TRE code.

TRE Empowers Content Providers

Brand Benefits

TRE allows TV consumers to engage with brands right when the impulse to buy hits them – and brands can measure TV ROI in the moment, too.
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Broadcast TV Benefits

TRE brings a powerful direct response model to valued advertisers and viewers.
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Social Platform Benefits

TRE is a completely new way for browsers, apps and websites to integrate with on-screen content and deliver an eCommerce experience. By integrating TRE into your platform, consumers stay in your environment, and buy more products, by taking action in those micro-moments of inspiration.
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The TRE Story

Let’s say, for this discussion, that the TV ad unit is deeply flawed, if not broken. They’re skipped because they are bothersome and ungratifying. Are they bothersome in nature because of the content? Is it boring? In many cases the answer is yes. And in some cases the answer is no.

How many of us globally have learned to turn to our phones in this moment of boredom? It’s what we do right? Anywhere, anytime. Aside from boredom, we also turn to our phones when something we see on TV interests us, be it the content or an ad. And yet, while the ad is presented to engage the viewer who gets the primary impulsive engagement? The inspiring brand?

Or is it Google? Sadly we all know the answer. Google would say that their job is to present the most relevant info to the person searching. Indeed 65% of searchers don’t end up with the inspiring brand but instead end up elsewhere because this is Google’s “job”. And, cheeky as they are, Google will tell the brands that you likely had the wrong keywords and that your SEO implementation is not optimized. Google’s answer always points to “raise your bids for the “right” words and buy more key words.” In this every day, all-too-often occurrence there is a better way.

It follows then that the TV ad unit is in dire need of an overhaul to extend it beyond just engagement and inspiration and into a true “in the micro-moment” connection. TRE powers a new, in-program direct connection ad unit for TV. TRE leverages your phone in your hand when you watch TV.TRE takes you immediately to the exact content you want, exactly when you want it. TRE solves for your impulse in the micro-moment. TRE becomes the BUY button for TV.

Engagement is important. But the end game is sales right? A sale is the ultimate engagement. But TRE goes beyond the initial sale and easily paves the way for loyalty and immersion in your brand. Add real-time attribution and it’s almost too good to be true. And yet TRE is here today and it is very real. Just as innovation is disrupting seemingly every tired and archaic business model, TRE is here, today, to give the TV ad a sorely needed (BIG TIME) facelift.