Regarding the issue of brand “control”

Sometimes, there are moments in your daily routine where you have a realization of something that is, to your mind, profound.

I had one of these the other day and it’s a bit like having a set of glasses on because now I see the world of brand advertising as clear as day.

So, when I see articles like this one I say “I knew it!”

My profound idea is on to something of value.

My idea is this.

Brands today are pretty freaked about safety, e.g., not having their logo next to objectionable content. (Which, these days, there seems to be petabytes per second.)

What’s worse for brands is there’s another head on the monster they face.

And that is your competitor owning YOUR SEARCH TERMS!

Not only is safety on your mind but the duopoly’s search business models require you to never, ever own your search terms.

But what if there was a way to connect immediately with new and existing customers via your current video, print, radio or packaging and not have to worry about safety or about paying the duopoly to send your searchers to your competition?

(Long question I know but you have to envision me saying this to all brands-GLOBALLY!)

This is what drove Russ and I to co-found TRE. The idea that “search” and the “micro-moment” are at odds with each other. The idea that brands can easily connect with their audience instantly via TRE’s Voice/AI + Touch interface.

Moreover, brands could then decide which sales channel they prefer to activate and prioritize in their digital and/or print (radio, packaging, etc.) consumer call-to-action.

For example, look at this mock-up of a TV ad unit (below) featuring Gillette razors. Proctor & Gamble, Gillette’s parent company, could place this ad unit ANYWHERE with a call-to-action for trial and/or purchase and decide whether Target, Walmart, Costco, Amazon, CVS, etc. does the fulfillment of the call-to-action.

Let’s re-state this experience using the glasses of my idea – brand safety and brand call-to-action fulfillment control all can be achieved with TRE.

Where my idea really takes off is that this experience would get Amazon’s (and the duopoly’s) attention. How?

Easy. Amazon would have to compete with other retailers for the fulfillment business and also give TV programs, channels, providers (the cable folks) and anyone with anything to do with TV a way to offset the fact that Amazon is gunning for your viewers.

The duopoly depends on search for their whopping search revenues.

When Amazon and Facebook create original programming AND sell alongside it they will have closed the loop.

And today’s broken version of brand engagement, safety and control will keep marching on, same-old same-old style, while the duopoly (and Amazon) eat your lunch.

Dale Knoop leads a great team audaciously attempting to #breaktheduopoly by making TRE the global standard for micro-moment brand engagement. Using voice input of a Qword or phrase or simple numeric code any brand can present their TRE Qword or code in TV, video, video games, radio (anywhere!) or their product packaging and take their customers and brand fans to exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. No searching through results, no foraging around your website-just customer pleasing instant gratification. Oh yeah, and there’s real-time attribution and an ongoing brand immersion. Watch the TRE video on YouTube here.