Drill down on this: The tedium of foraging

Find us on Facebook. Visit our website. Search engine optimization. Search results. Our brand name next to a social media icon. Make sure you (not your competitor) are using the right keywords you technically don’t own.


All phrases, inferences and practices I’d like to see retired soon.




Look, I’ll be brief because this is an issue that goes straight to the impetus behind TRE.


Imagine you ask me to help you buy a specific pair of jeans you saw on TV and my response to drive you to the mall parking lot wherein I point to the mall structure and say “Search for them, they’re in there.”


Or I say they’re inside blahdeeblah.com-go find ’em!


All the while I introduce you to other people that sell jeans. Swell for them but not for the brand that inspired you originally. Their ROI on their ad/inspiration? ZERO.


If I did this to you, you’d be pissed. And yet this is standard operating procedure in the internet. I still shake my head that the emperor of search reports millions of results retrieved in milliseconds. Yawn. I want what I want, NOW please and not what you’ve been pay to tell me is “more relevant”.


And if I were a brand I would be running from this model to something that helped my brand inspire and connect directly to consumers in-the-moment.


You can’t miss all the talk about mobile micro-moments and yet at this moment you want me to search an forage what I’m looking for as if it were a needle in the haystack.


Search in all its forms is THE most presumptive thing you can tell a person when they are inspired, in-the-moment, phone-in-hand.


Search? Find us? Why don’t you give me exactly what I want when I want it? That’s how winning brands please and satisfy existing and would-be customers.


Dale Knoop leads a great team working to make TRE the global standard for micro-moment brand engagement. Using a simple numeric code any brand can present their TRE code in TV, video, video games or their product packaging and take their customers and brand fans to exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. No searching through results, no foraging around your website-just customer pleasing instant gratification. Oh yeah, and there’s real-time attribution and an ongoing brand immersion. Watch the TRE video on YouTube here.