But wait, there’s more!


Over the last decade, much has been written and reported about the importance of mobile web page load times. And, one can only assume that since there’s a steady stream of reports coming out like the snippet of one below, some folks haven’t “caught up” so-to-speak in the importance of “right now”.

“Right now” in a mobile world means catering (BIG TIME) to the human desire of seeking instant gratification. The phone has always been about instant gratification and always will be.

Page load times are important yes, but they are only part of the story of sales, conversion and engagement with consumers in their micro-moment of interest in what you have to offer as a brand or business.

But as we always say at TRE, how you get to the point of accessing a page is just as important (if not more so) than how fast a page loads.

We contend that search and the micro-moment are at odds with each other.

For example-you’re watching your favorite NFL team on Sunday and an ad appears for team jerseys and you want one right now. This is your micro-moment.

The NFL may say to go to NFL.com/shop and then you’d search around for your team. Or perhaps you just type “Kansas City Chiefs jersey” into the Google search bar and filter through the results.

Google does a good job of showing the results BUT here’s where things go sideways. I now have to sort through the results which takes time. This is time that’s added to the time it takes the page to load.

This isn’t to say that I’m not cost-conscious because I am. Having choices is cool but I want the one I saw during the game and when I see the results all the shirts look the same.

So now I get to spend time figuring out if the results are the one I saw during the game.

This same thing plays out across the full consumer spectrum.

Is this the putter I saw Rickie Fowler use?

Is this the red dress on the model?

Are these the pots and pans from the cooking show?

All of this activity adds to the total time it takes for me to satisfy my need for instant gratification.


And time is money isn’t it? The more time you make me take, like the data herein presents, the higher the likelihood that I GIVE UP ENTIRELY.

Lost sale.

So yeah, time to load matters. But so does the time I spend (my time) trying to figure out where your call-to-action is in search results.

A better approach would be to offer me a fast and direct path to exactly what I want in my micro-moment and dispense with trusting Google and my stamina to deliver you sales.

Imagine the ability to say “Chiefs Jersey” into your phone and to be taken straight to the NFL.com page to buy the jersey. No searching, no waiting, no foraging through results. Just instant gratification.

You might want to price shop but then again there’s some of us that just want what we saw in the NFL/Chiefs jersey call-to-action RIGHT NOW!

Time matters but page load times only tell a portion of the story.

Dale Knoop leads a great team audaciously attempting to #breaktheduopoly by making TRE the global standard for micro-moment brand engagement. Using voice input of a Qword or phrase or simple numeric code any brand can present their TRE Qword or code in TV, video, video games, radio (anywhere!) or their product packaging and take their customers and brand fans to exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. No searching through results, no foraging around your website-just customer pleasing instant gratification. Oh yeah, and there’s real-time attribution and an ongoing brand immersion. Watch the TRE video on YouTube here.