Where is your brand on the customer experience continuum?

In the dictionary the word “continuum” is defined as:

“a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct.”

The bolding and underline are mine but it’s the point of this blog.

As the globe continually moves to define itself as a mobile-dominated one, the experiences lie on the same line (the mobile experience continuum) but the experiences can be very, very different.

We’ve all had this experience. You visit a website on your phone or you use an app on your phone and the friction of trying to get exactly what you want in exactly in the moment you want it is a direct result of where the experience falls on the continuum.

Exhibit A

This phone screen grab of IRS.gov is a prime example of the far extreme of the continuum. If you landed on this site with your phone you would turn around (shake your head) and not go further into their site.

Sadly, this experience from the IRS is to be expected but there are many consumer brands that are no better. Why not!?!? Your mobile experience sucks so does that mean you think little to nothing of your customers?

On the other end of the continuum is Amazon’s website or app on my phone. It is a thing of impulse buying bliss wrapped in a cuddly layer of joyous joyosity. (My homage to Stanley Kubrick’s movie, A Clockwork Orange.)

And the cool part about Amazon is that they drive their spot on the continuum farther and farther away from ding-dongs like the IRS.

Amazon is the standard of frictionless, impulse-buying in the micro-moment of inspiration.

And yet, having said this they know (and we know) they could be better.

For example. If you see something on TV and you have a Prime account you are left with (ugh!!!!) search to try to find it. Amazon would tell you they’re not the best at search. Who could be? They’ve got millions of items only an impulse away.

How could they make search better? By dumping it.

Follow me. If I’m watching TV or reading a magazine or out-and-about and I see a call-to-action for something I want to buy right then and there, then take me straight to it!!!

Don’t be like the IRS. Don’t make me search. I’ll likely end up with your competition any way.

Dale Knoop leads a great team audaciously attempting to #breaktheduopoly by making TRE the global standard for micro-moment brand engagement. Using voice input of a Qword or phrase or a simple numeric code any brand can present their TRE Qword or code in TV, video, video games, radio (anywhere!) or their product packaging and take their customers and brand fans to exactly what they want, exactly when they want it. No searching through results, no foraging around your website-just customer pleasing instant gratification. Oh yeah, and there’s real-time attribution and an ongoing brand immersion. Watch the TRE video on YouTube here.